Nathaniel Allenby

Nathaniel Allenby is a local performance and visual artist who has lived a unique life. Originally from Aurora, Oregon; he grew up on a farm, and focused on math, history, geography, the sciences, farming, sports, and gaming. It wasn’t until after his best friend Tyger Pliska taught him to juggle in 2006 while bicycling in Europe that he found a passion for an art form. He spent 6 years on a bicycle pedaling over 28,000 miles across 10 countries and 30 states while honing his craft. As a world traveler he has had unusual perspectives for many of his photos; he especially loves nature and images without humans. After becoming a circus entertainment professional, he decided to improve his other art skills. His style is defined by geometric structures, incorporates culturally significant and ancient symbols, and is primarily colored pencil. His goal is to be in an art gallery show this year!